Money Matters…

By Miss Cellany


I have come to realise the importance of money as the years have passed by, so much that I want to get rich as soon as possible desperately.So does that make me a selfish, mean, materialistic creature? I don’t know. Maybe or may not be but I guess I should be given a chance to explain. And that I will do by listing the reasons why I want to be rich. May be yours and my reasons are the same if you too want to get rich. Though it can simply be explained by the universal reason of having a good life but still I would like to list them.

I want to be rich- so that I am not forced by circumstances into doing something that I may regret later.Something that compromises my values, ideals and upbringing.

I want to be rich- so that I don’t have to look away guiltily when a beggar comes along or send them away with a rupee coin. So that I can do something substantial for them…

I want to be rich – so that when my maid asks for an advance payment of three months, I don’t end up with a soured expression. I really don’t feel like doing so but in a middle class joint family you need to act wise with your money in this hard times of recession and inflation.

I want to be rich – so that, when my near and dear ones fall sick I don’t have to waste time arranging for money or having second thoughts about their treatment when they need one. I know money does not control many important issues of life but at least I should have the satisfaction that I gave my best.

I want to be rich- so that I don’t have to sucker up to anyone for my job or promotion and can retain my self respect and stand upto injustice with dignity.

I want to be rich- so that I don’t have to compromise with the quality of security and comfort and other things of my loved ones.

I want to be rich- so that I don’t haggle for one or two rupees with the shopkeepers and vendors

I want to be rich -so that I don’t end up being greedy or miserly or covetous.

I want to be rich – so that I never have to discuss my inheritance with my parents.

I want to be rich – so that my limited resources don’t create a conflict between my parents and my spouse if I am the only child of the family

I want to be rich-so that I can do according to my calling and creativity whether it is writing, or singing or painting and don’t have to compromise on it.

I want to be rich- so that I am not interrupted in writing this post as I have to cook, wash, clean and other chores and thus interrupt the flow.

I want to be rich. I know money cannot buy love but at least it can make my love happy by showing how much I love and care.

But I think the way to get rich is ironically doing the things that I don’t want to do.(the ones that I have listed)

Maybe I should say That I want to have the Allauddin’s lamp instead of saying I want to be rich.

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