July 1, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

I tried something today.

I typed – Countries facing the lowest criticism, but didn’t find any rating. Again I typed– Countries with the lowest complaints. But there too I hit  a zilch.

Finally I settled with the countries with the lowest crime rate which was nearest to what I was looking for. Even there, I had to deduce that the country with the most efficient satisfaction rate as Luxemberg.

But what am I exactly trying to get at? Well I will not beat about the bush and spill out straight away that I am trying to get at the word- criticism.

Why are we so absorbed with the word criticism?

Criticism – an act , that is so easy  and fun , while so hard to face?  Self criticism? Constructive criticism? Criticism as a result of sour grapes syndromes? As an expression of unfulfilled desire?  Sadistic criticism? Many forms of the same, which has just one effect- disappointment. The receiver maybe a brave man, but there is still an underlying disappointment. He may hide it or he might not, he may grin and bear it or rightfully lash out in defense. But ultimately Criticism begets more criticism which is again counterproductive.

The act itself has come under much criticism and I am not going to make it more complicated and difficult by criticizing criticism some more, even though I belong to the anti criticism lobby.

I know the necessity of criticism. I understand the importance of criticism, which is just another natural means of quality control, but don’t you think we are beginning to over do it in everything? Whether justified or not? Needed or not? Criticising where suggestions would have been better received? where compassion would have more impact rather than scorn?

But still we see tons of them. Why do we criticize ? why  and how exactly do we see  things  in such “dim” perspective that causes such a strong urge for a negative response? Is it Jealousy?disappointment? And why the disappointment? Is it because of a high amount of expectations? Or Am I being naïve when I am trying to find a justification for criticism? Is it simply that the product  is criticized because it deserves to be criticized? Well not surprising, we are quick in criticizing because the product or action doesn’t meet up to the standards we set . But aren’t we the ones who say- humans aren’t perfect. Then why do we demand perfection or near perfection .

At times why can we not see the efforts behind it rather than the results?

There were many casualities in Uttaranchal, but there were thousands who were saved. Still Indian Army initially faced the flak.

Chetan Bhagat  tasted success with Five point someone. Admittedly, not in the caliber of Iliad and Odyssey (nor does he claim it to be), but what made half of the population bray for his blood ? (ok that was an exaggeration, but wasn’t he severely criticized?)

When BSNL took over the the Delhi Electricity board, it faced a lot of antagonism in the first week itself.  How could they expect a miracle within a week? But a couple of years on and the power scene has shown a healthy improvement, in fact a marked improvement.

And there are many such examples where we seem to jump the gun too soon.

But of course there are certain fields where there is very little scope of error- The medical field for instance. Law and order and of course Administration! These are such areas, where the margin for error is very less.

But again, if every inefficiency is criticized then every little act of faith needs to be applauded. Every bit of goodness needs to be appreciated and encouraged rather than being overlooked, be it the common man or the administration. Why? Is it justified to take the authorities and administration for granted? But we digress!

I would just like to sum up that , it is your right to admonish, to be ruthless in your criticism , to speak your mind out, but wouldn’t it do wonders if you laced it with a bit of sweetness, trust and compassion?




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