Love in the Changing Times by Abhijit Ray

June 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

By- Abhijit Ray,  Tezpur University

Love and grinning to oneself are inseparable. When you are in love you need not have any reason to smile, you just learn to grin without any reason. As soon as Spring sets in, most university campuses turn into love-nests. Come spring, the season of love also springs, so why don’t we smile for a while keeping aside our assignments, deadlines, classes, CGPA and all other pressures. This article is about changing trends of love, the most powerful emotion, where you may have a chance to smile without any reason. Let’s have a look of some new genres of love which is more prominently seen in some campuses. These are only variations; the traditional true love is still the base.

Parallel love: There are some people who never can leave the attachment of the past but they are capable enough to adjust with the present, as a result the concept of parallel love comes. They maintain love relation with both the college time lover and present day’s lover. The simple characteristic of such lover is multiple mobile with multiple numbers.

Confused love: They always stick together, they chat with each other on mobile for hours, they even flirt, and go for ‘small’ and ‘unofficial’ dates, but if you ask them, then their reply is- we are good friends. Sometimes such ‘love’ is too much fishy, sometimes it’s very much enjoyable or sometimes it may be very painful. No one can understand whether this is love or not, even the boy and the girl never understand their real relationship..

SMS love: This is a very special type of love genre. Boys and girls exchanges sweet msgs, but in the outside they look like strangers. But the chance of converting this sms love to the traditional love is also very much possible.

Assignment love: In this type of love the boy spends more time with his girlfriend’s assignment than the girlfriend. Generally such love lasts according to the tolerance capacity and the intelligence of the boy.

Love with an expiry date: Love is the most temporary thing available in campus, if it lasts more than two years than it is something. But experts say that love always comes with an expiry date.

The virtual love: This is a kind of love which generally starts from ‘facebook’ and ends in facebook. But of course there are exceptions. In some cases such love starts from facebook and blooms into permanent one and even to marriage. In some tragic cases it may end up in breaking up.

Distance love/Clarification love: Those lovers who are not smart enough to break up with the earlier one falls in this category. Mostly this happens in the case of long distance relationships where the trust factor is very low. This is called clarification love because they need to prepare a clarification speech every day to convince his loved one that she or he is honest with him or her.

Old is gold: When girls and boys first come to a new campus, they come with great enthusiasm. They meet many new people and in the frenzy to socialise and fit in, they easily fall in love with a new one, forgetting their other commitments. But it is not possible for everyone to come out from the safe zone of past. So it is common practices of University studenst to go back to the category of ‘Clarification love’ i.e. they again continue the relationship with the earlier one.

The love trap: In this category the boy or the girl express affection to everyone and if they get some positive response from someone then the story begins. In this category the boy is either considered as ‘Seni’ or ‘Kamur’ according to his look.

Human beings always communicate. They try to express themselves. They send messages. When you are in love, you just want to express your love, you msg her, you smile at her, you touch her, you hug her or you kiss her; you just want to express. When you are in love you become such a good communicator that even your smile can say thousand words. The above genres of love that I have mentioned may seem to be quite funny but these all are reality. We all are inhabitant of such a world where we all are confused how the real love feels and even wonder if there really is something like love! It is said that “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale”- And we all are grown up intellectuals, we have lost the heart to believe in fairy tales. But still some of us like fairy tales and tries to start some ‘new genres’. I don’t know whether the ‘new genres’ are love or something like it, but if it brings a smile on your face, then why don’t you laugh by starting to believe in fairy tales. Let’s smile and be good communicators of our emotions.

(The write up is a satire, to amuse and to ponder upon; not intended to hurt any one and does not refer to any one in particular)

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