June 15, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(June 15, 2010 – June 30, 2010)

Aries – Though said to be energetic, you will realize that your energy level is draining away big time. And then you will realize the cause as the world cup football. If you are a fan then needs no explanation, if not you will be filling in extra space for some one who is.

Taurus- Your mate will be surprised to see vitality in you this fortnight. Football fever. But she or he will not be impressed, rather depressed at the sudden competition of affection.

Gemini – Don’t indulge in betting because as usual you will be in two minds. Rather think about an alternative career as analyst or blogging or commentator. Your wit will come of help in winning fans and ahem girl/boy friends.

Cancer- No matter how much you brood your better half will be too busy to notice you but yeah the boy/girl next door will surely notice you. Only problem is that the boy or girl will not be more than 8 years old. But then why not make the most of it? After all that kid has a hot sister/ brother tagging behind.

Leo- You will discover love in your partner but unfortunately that love will be for some one else or maybe something else. There will be less of World cup at your home but plenty of your melodrama.

Virgo – Your analytical skills will be handy while predicting world cup matches but using that everywhere may become a bane rather than boon especially if you wager against your own boss. He will lose the bet and you your job, so no analysis at the office.

Libra- Your peace loving nature and graceful ways are going to encounter hard times ahead. Better pack up your bags and head for the hills for some peace and quiet and enjoy the scenery and nature.

Scorpio – Your passion is going to be on an overdrive as adrenaline flows in from every corner. Better put some brakes or you might end up with a small bundle of a joy – your own personal world cup memento.

Sagittarius – World Cup? What? Messi? Who? This will be the stance of many Sagittarians but for the few who are into football , no body will be able to guess who actually are you rooting for. Not even you yourself.

Capricorn – You will see an opportunity this fortnight to get ahead- in anything. If you are into sales and business – you will open a snacks counter at your own home. At office you will charge extra money from your colleagues to punch in their cards. And you will be the man Friday of your boss this whole period.

Aquarius– Being compassionate and soft hearted it will be advisable not to watch football matches. It will prove to be an embarrassment to your partner, every time you cry for a team that loses.

Pisces– Your demonstration at devotion may clinch a deal. Be it business deal , family deal or marriage deal( proposal). So full throttle demonstration of devotion to your favourite World Cup team.

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