August 15, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(August 15, 2010 – August 31, 2010)

Aries:- The week will be an adventurous one as you may be facing adventure of all sorts at unexpected places. Eg like a tyre puncture on an outing. Forgetting your wallet on a date. Entering the wrong venue for an occasion to name a few which may happen but whatever it maybe you won’t cease to have fun.

Taurus- You will meet someone very remarkable that will make you behave like a Gemini to the surprise of other people. You will be asking yourself many times this fortnight? Is he/she is she/he not? Will it be, will it be not? Good or bad? Etc etc. All the flowers are doomed to be petal less this fortnight.

Gemini- Dull week for you, a very dull fortnight.. The same ole cute dumb guy / gal. the same dull food in the cafeteria. The same offers and products in the shopping mart. The same old TV programmes. Sigh! Its hard being a Gemini..

Cancer – You will be having a strange craving throughout the fortnight for your favorite food and in the process keep on gorging on its substitute to satiate yourself but the results having a favourable impact on your taste bud, will be more prominent on your waistline.

Leo- You will be on a high and a real high and your credit card bill will also be on a high but your other half will put on a brave fight to hide the dismay that goes with your “highs”. If you are single, then you will stay single for some more time but don’t worry ! that has its high point too.

Virgo- I can see an outing in the near future for you. A pretty place. You look amazing too…then you meet this super-cool dream guy/girl ….and you hit off instantly..and then..ttrrrrrrrrrringggggggg..the alarm wakes you up.So go out and make your dream come true…book a holiday,buy that new dress, visit the salon and the spa…gear up!

Libra – This fortnight the balance tilts in your favour. You will gain in every way. Remember the wretched key you lost last week for which you had to break open your door ? You will get it back this week. Same with that half-eaten favourite sandwich you forgot where you left….

Scorpion – You will continue your mission of confusing people with your confusing ideas. Its not your fault that you have both the yin and yang of the universe residing inside you.

Sagittarius- You will have to take a tough decision about your life. You have to choose either Love or Life! If you choose life , than see you again in the next horrorscope and if you choose love see you in the next life.

Capricorn- There are only happy news for you. Your rivals will do well. Your enemies will have a large windfall and your exes will find new persons in their life- courtesy – the AXE effect. Now don’t go looking for an Axe .

Aquarius- There will be an aura about you throughout the fortnight. You will be having a glazed expression , pale and translucent. Does it mean Divinity? No it means you have to quit neglecting your health altogether. Eat well and sleep early or you will turn into a spirit instead of becoming spiritual.

Pisces- this will be a fulfilling week for you. You will be found trying hard to fulfill the wishes of all your near and dear ones and you will do it in a damn good way, so what if your bank balance hits rock bottom and you will be surviving on one meal per day only for most part and the dhobi’s donkey looks more fresh than you, but as they say there is no greater joy than giving.

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