Take care !

Take care !

July 1, 2014 Off By Fried Eye

– Pratibha Sofat.

Things my mother told , i forgot later on but now want to adopt :

Comb your hair before you sleep : yes , i too pointed out to her that am not going out bit just going to bed so why bother with the hair. Well, you need to comb the roots well. To massage your scalp with the comb which will relieve you from stress and you will sleep better. It works !

Brush your teeth before you sleep : i never used to. I do not do that regularly even now , but i am trying to make it an habit. ( blame the tooth ache last year for making me try to take care of the teeth more )

Say OM : or in other words , meditate. It took me a lot many years that praying is different from meditation. The purpose of meditation is to let your nerves calm down , breathe fresh air and try to shut the noises from your mind. Trust me , 5 minutes of meditating each morning in open air works best for relieving one from tension and thus avoiding headaches or depression.

Let the eyes wander : rotate the eyes ( eyeballs to be specific ) in clockwise and anti clockwise direction every 4 hours. You can also splash water in your eyes if possible. This keeps eyes healthy and in this age of computers and smartphones, we badly need them working best. After all, glasses do not suit all.

An apple a day: .. not possible. Not to mention it is boring to eat same fruit everyday. But do have one fruit each day in breakfast or as snacks. Nothing can replace the nutrition quotient of fruits and vegetables. And best way is to have them raw and fresh.

Walk : I will be always be a fan of idea tagline “walk and talk” or vice versa. So many of us do not have time for a exercise routine or even for a morning walk. Some like me do not have the space for that. So, what my mother suggested was to walk on rooftop or any such area you can think of. Try to walk while you take calls. Or better avoid pinging or calling your colleagues and instead walk up to their desks. Chose a bus stop/ grocery store a little gar from home so you get to walk more. Be creative and walk a lot. It is the best exercise.

My mother would have such a “finally you realized” look when I show her this article or even mention that I am doing all this. But well, its so worth it.

Let me know what are your quick health tips or habits you find beneficial.

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