Graecian Goddess

February 1, 2011 Off By Gargee Borah

The bohemian fashion style or the boho chic is the most interesting style today to put together. It requires a lot of fashion sense and a lot of innovative imagination. The boho look is appropriate for those who love to live unconditionally, but artistically.
Bohemian Fashion
Boho is more relaxed and casual with a touch of hippie in it. But there is a fine line between looking chic in bohemian outfits and looking disastrous and wannabe with a blown out look. And this is where your fashion and style sense comes into play. But don’t you worry. Your own Wild Cherry is here to help you with the perfect boho-chic look of the season.

Let’s start with the essentials. To create this incredible look, there are few things that are absolutely necessary. Bandanas, short leather jackets, casual jeans, oversized blouses, printed blouses, long gypsy style skirts, vaporous dresses, floral printed outfits, patchwork or simple t-shirts are some clothing pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. You can mix and match these pieces to create your favorite look. I would suggest a pair of casual jeans, an oversize printed blouse and a colorful bandana.

Now comes the next essential part, the shoes. While choosing shoes for this look, go for comfort. Shoes like flats, gladiator sandals, flip flops, cowboy style boots in leather or suede and platform shoes complements this style.
Bohemian Fashion
Accessories are important in any look and boho is no different. In fact, accessories play a most important role in completing this look. So, one has to be very careful while picking them. Pick bracelets and long necklaces in vibrant warm colors. Pick ethnic styled earrings in beads and stones. You can also go for lopsided hats or vests for a bolder look.

Apart from clothes and accessories, one more thing that makes fashion worth it, is the hairstyle. In boho chic too, hairstyle has a big part to play. The Bohemian hairstyle is very fuss free and easy to achieve. It’s basically a middle parted hairstyle with straight bangs and waves at the edges. But there’s one condition to this hairstyle that is absolutely necessary. Your hair has to be in good and perfect condition to maintain the look as these hairstyles emphasize the beautiful texture of the hair. You can also accessorize your hairstyle with headbands, flowers, braided ribbons, headscarves or even feathers if you want to go for an edgier look.

So, enjoy shopping for your favorite boho chic look. And until the next post…..this is Wild Cherry saying Ciao.

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