FASHION IN SUMMER/SPRING 2012- A report by Sharmila Jaykkumar

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London fashion week 2012

Again the season of sun is back with flashy and stunning colors. This spring and summers people will find themselves wrapped in heavenly fabrics, with a lots of red and tons of lace, black and white keep there places this summer ‘n’ spring. This season most of the fashion designers showed their magic with black and white in some or the other way; black and white being known as the traditional color in the fashion field is a world wide known fact. The designers take this as an advantage and cash in on it almost every season. Every spring fashion embraces color, but this spring the colour is going to be different  in that it will reflect the different moods of the designer-with  the soft muted tones, the fun-loving pastels and the vivid brights.

Laces are big and back in trend this season. Using laces and pleats in all the possible ways beautifully and also  cuts, they will be the seasonal weapons of the designers this summer. Designers  usually pick light materials  for comfort, so will be this summer. Sleeveless, mini skirts are big this year.

Floral prints suits the charm of the season. Floral prints especially in bright pink, orange, purple are going big this spring while the crazy animal animal print gives the wild look for hot summers. Light, calm and neutral colors are will be in vogue and pajamas will be back with no strings attached (forgive the pun). Creamy neutrals give a very feminine and elegant look and will be used for a dramatic effect.

The Asia’s biggest fashion fest- wills lifestyle India fashion week [WIFW] 2012, which was held on the 15th of February 2012 ran through the 19th of the same. Almost 131 designers showcased their collection for this spring, with 63 of them on the runway. Announcing the names of participating designers, Sunil Sethi, President FDCI said, “This year we have a list of outstanding designers with representation across geographies who will display their creative excellence on the runway. With combined elements of innovation, creativity and tradition of the WIFW, these designers will give a fresh perspective to the Autumn-Winter collection. With so many talented designers in India’s fashion industry; we are hopeful that this edition will also break all records like the past season. I wish all of them, the very best as they gear up to participate at the WIFW Autumn-Winter 2012.”

To continue our talk on the fashion week, it was heard that a number of fashion week were held all over the globe. Starting its runway from New York it went on in London, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and then Tokyo. To summarise all the fashion weeks, it says that the designers emphasized on laces, pleats, safari dresses, short sleeved dresses, mini skirts, etc. and black and white were greatly and beautifully shown on the runway in all the fashion weeks of 2012.

The top 10 fashions in the fashion weeks were:

  1. Buffet friendly LBDs
  2. Medieval times
  3. Peplum skirts
  4. “dentist-y” white turtle necks
  5. Sheer shoulders
  6. Embellished collared day dresses
  7. Kooky Head-To-Prints
  8. Mod life
  9. ‘70s color blocked sweaters
  10. See through skirts



So this spring is going to blossom with floral prints and the summer is going to  be real hot. Get ready to dress yourself up in all the designer pieces. Happy summers.


–  Sharmila Jayakkumar

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