How far has it been…

How far has it been…

May 15, 2014 Off By Fried Eye
By Madhusmita Das


The sun drops just one more notch below the horizon,9816_wpm_lowres

Turning the bright blue sea to a blood red,

And as I soak in the magical transformation, I see..

It has been a long way..

..from the cobbled brick lanes

..from the unconditional love

..from uncomplicated friendship

..from meaningless spirited conversations

..from the timeless moments of silence,

in the all so familiar..

and..from myself



The tide comes in with a new set of pebbles,

The old ones I no longer see

But yes! I do see the milestones!

And with it, the promises that were meant to be kept

I close my eyes,

I attempt to overlook the haziness,

All I could hear were the smiles

All I could think were the thoughts

All I could see was the way ahead


I could still feel the sadness, the silent tears,

As vivid as it was yesterday

The smallest of promises that were really meant

The grandest of plans that seemed to come true



My eyes snap open as a fresh wave comes in,

once again I see the blood red sea

and a life so different!

The dreams are different,

So are the smiles and tears

I tread a path that I have created,

never knowing how..

never knowing why!



I ask myself..

How do I relive?

The unconditional love,

The uncomplicated friendships



Go back to the timeless moments of silence,

of the all so familiar..

and keep all the promises..

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