Distance between God and Man by Roger Vins

Distance between God and Man by Roger Vins

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Fried Eye says- Life is a journey and religion and spirituality are very much part of the journey for many. Roger Vins shares with you his take on spirituality and explores the untapped and uncharted waters of human mind. 


Human beings are God!!
What???  Shocked by the heading??  Be strong, folks! There are even more shocking facts ahead! Yes! Human beings are indeed said to be God for centuries and millenniums. The Bible, The Quran, The Vedas, The Bhaghavad Gita etc. all says the same that “Human is Divine”, but we on the contrary have taken ourselves as the role of the created one, unknown of the fact that we indeed ourselves are the creators. All religion right from their origin have been emphasizing on this very
point (Human and God are one). All the powers performed by God can also be performed by us; For instance, to walk on water, to heal a person with just a touch, transform objects etc. Look at enlightened people of history like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci etc., they all were Gods.
You may say that all the texts mentioned above don’t proclaim human to be God and the people I speak about didn’t claim themselves as God. That’s why you need to know a secret and I am going to tell you what the secret is. Before that, there is something you need to know .There was a time when even the greatest of minds like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates etc. believed that the earth is flat simply because of the reason that, if it would have been round all the water would just fall off.  Imagine, you literally approaching them at that time and making them realize that the earth is round and that there is a magnet like force that keeps us from falling off. Just imagine their reaction!! In the same manner, you’ll also have the same reaction now when I say that you and I are indeed God! But later when time passed, everyone understood that the earth is actually round.  In the same way, you will now understand what I want to convey to you folks.
Now back to the secret, if you actually analyze all the holy books, you will slowly realise that all of them have two levels of information;  One for the person who seeks literal meaning, and  another inner layer for the matured minds. In other words, the text is cryptic, that’s the secret! Even Dan Brown in his book The Lost Symbol says the same thing.  Further down I will give you information which will help you realize that you are ‘God’.
To start off, I am sure you all know that a normal human being uses only 5% of his brain power. Have you ever wondered, if your usage of the brain goes to 100%, what will happen?  With just 5% of brain usage, we have invented and discovered so many things. Therefore, if we start using all of the brain power, just imagine what all things we would have invented and discovered?

Now the question is, how do you get all parts of your brain working? Do I have the answer? Yes! I do, but before that one thing is very important. I want you to just believe in what I say. To Follow it or not is your own wish, but belief is necessary. Ok then, the secret to make the 100% use of your brain is by way of two things-
1) Symbols
2) Meditation
First, Let’s talk about symbols. There are a lot of symbols in the world useful for specific purposes. Each of them has a specific meaning and a specific power. So what’s the relationship between God and these symbols?  95% of our dormant brain that I spoke about can be communicated only through these symbols. These symbols can talk to the brain, awaken them and enlighten the mind.

Some examples to start off with are:
1) Telepathy is the sleeping ability of every human. To awaken it, the


symbol to be used is this. You must have heard the popular word “ABRACADABRA” used by magician when they perform tricks. It is actually an Aramaic word which means ‘I create as I speak’, and to add to it, Aramaic is that language which Jesus Christ himself spoke. Now the exact opposite of it is “AVADAKEDAVRA”. Yes, the most famous spell used by Lord Voldamort in the best seller ‘Harry Potter’ which means ‘I destroy/ kill as I speak’!
2) Memory is another ability people lack in. Do you know that you have
the power to read a book once and tell which line is in which
Paragraph, in which page of that book? To get the best of your memory, the symbol is an ‘Owl’.

3) To increase your power of thinking, reasoning, knowing etc. the symbol is arrow.

4) The two symbols of male and female ♂  and ♀ also have their own
meaning. The male symbol gives confidence, strength and self-reliance
while the female symbol gives love, affection and beauty. This is the
reason why the former symbols were replaced by these to represent male
and the female.

5) Now a very important thing: Health

Do you wanna be healthy for a lifetime? No diseases can ever touch you. The symbol for this is very simple actually. The symbol is called a Caduceus. This symbol gives good health and it is the reason that this symbol is given to doctors.


There are many other symbols like this that you can find all over the world.
Now you must be wondering, what to do with these symbols? These symbols are used in meditation! That’s where meditation steps in to make you enlightened. The kundalini Shakti serpent has to travel up from the bottom chakra piercing all the chakras to the top-most chakra i.e. the sahasara chakras. When you have all these symbols ready in your mind as an image and meditate on it, it will give you its powers to make the dormant brain work.
You must have heard about “The Alchemist”- by Paulo Coelho. Now coming closer to Alchemy, philosopher stone and Elixir of life. If you have read Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, you would know that the philosopher’s stone is a substance that produces the Elixir of life, and with the help of this Elixir of life, you can live on and on, which means you can be immortal. Let me tell you, this
Elixir of life really does exist.
So, is the Philosopher’s stone a substance?  No, everyone already has one! Yes, the Philosopher’s stone is the penal gland present inside your brain.  Scientists have taken a scan of the yogis’ who were in
full meditation at a very high level of consciousness. What they found is that, the Pineal gland secretes a wax like substance which nourishes the body giving them energy, health and everlasting life. Yes, this wax like substance is the Elixir of life!
Yes people! Humans are indeed immortal. We are not mortal beings incapable of doing wonders, but we are the immortal God capable of ‘creating’ wonders! So next time, don’t think yourself as a weak being and pray to God to have mercy on you, but think yourself as God and meditate on it.  Whatever you think will only happen in this world. It’s not that you ask God and he gives it to you,but you are God! Whatever you think is to be done, will be done, as your own thoughts have power in it. You must have heard about the law of attraction in the book ‘The Secrets’. Yes, it’s what you think that does happen!
So friends, think well for you and for others and the earth will be a heaven for us Gods to live in.


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