Can’t Escape by Stephen and Jiki – Passion and innovation I

Can’t Escape by Stephen and Jiki – Passion and innovation I

January 15, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Joint venture

You know you have a hidden talent. You know you have a passion. You also know that you have a creative streak in you, but you shake off  the feeling with a sigh and lose yourself to day to day life and its struggle. After all everything needs to be planned well, everything needs an early start and everything needs a solid foundation to base a monument of talent. But you are wrong. All you need for your creative streak and talent to take wings are undying passion and a little bit of innovation. We bring before you three examples of how passion and innovation can give your hidden creativity the much needed leg up and open doors to bigger opportunities or simply present you with creative satisfaction and the feeling that- you did not let your talent and passion go to waste. You tried.

In the first of the group , we are sharing with you this short psycho thriller movie – Can’t Escape by Stephen Styris and Jikirani Mahanta,  the young and dynamic duo from Assam. What is interesting about this movie is that that both Stephen and Jiki have no formal training in film making , other than them being students of mass communications of Tezpur University which of course consists of the subject of Television and Multi camera . Stephen is an avid photographer and has had experience in Wild life photography with WWF and WTI (wildlife trust of India) and had the distinction of working with Mike Pandey. And this passion led him to try out some short films with Jiki’s able help . Their movies always have some underlying social message and which presently is aired in Stephen’s youtube channel.with each film he  is gaining higher ground and we have a gut feeling that he will go quite far in his chosen field.

The movie Can’t Escape is about drug addiction and has been shot within two nights and edited in three days. Though it has some rough edges in the dubbing department, the rest of the movie doesn’t fail to impress you seeing that it has been shot with zero budget and had cast amateurs as actors. Now that is a sure shot case of Passion , talent and innovation.

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